Huế khổng lồ Đà Nẵng Train Schedule

Huế to Đà Nẵng Train ScheduleTên phương tiện đi lại vận chuyểnThời gian lộ trìnhGiáSaigon DMC SUV 4pax Vietnam Railways Class II AC Cua Ong Limousine VIP 9 Express April Adventure Minibus 12 Vietnam Railways VIP Sleeper Vietnam Railways Cabin 2x Viet phái mạnh Travel Bus VIP Minibus Viet nam Travel Bus Minivan Viet phái mạnh Travel Bus Minivan Vietnam Railways VIP Sleeper Vietnam Railways Class II AC Vietnam Railways Class II AC
Bất cứ thời gian nàoVND 1,743k
02:48 - 05:35VND 154k
05:10 - 08:10VND 305k
07:57 - 10:27VND 339k
09:37 - 12:24$ 9.21
10:54 - 13:22$ 14.37
12:05 - 14:35VND 247k
15:55 - 18:15VND 247k
16:00 - 18:30VND 247k
19:56 - 22:27VND 201k
20:29 - 23:00VND 168k
22:30 - 01:01VND 146k

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Ask locals or book somewhere elseWe had a couple of experiences with tanhailonghotel.com.vn asia in our recent Vietnam trip và would not recommend this service.First, you simply vày not see all options available, nor necessarily the best options for your trip. So in any case I would recommend lớn ask locals, e.g., a dedicated receptionist. They will gọi someone và you pay much less và will probably be guided until you sit in the bus.However, using this service, which in principle can bring you from A to B, there are problems. The first sign for ultra disrespectful behaviour towards the customers (apart from responses to lớn online receptions; just have a look around) is the unneccessary insurance which is sold if you bởi not uncheck a, by default checked, box when you order. The second is the handling of receptions and inquiries.This leads to the final problem I have with this service, which is our experience with a night bus.When you book such a bus you will get a confirmation & a PDF with coordinates và a time of arrival. You are supposed to be there 60 minutes before departure. Fine. A xe taxi can bring you there.

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However, the point is that the bus, as in our case, will probably just not show up. The taxi driver had already kind of an idea that this will go wrong as he didnt know the place. However, checking the ticket he agreed that this has lớn be the we are supposed lớn go.So you are there in the night, at a "bus stop" (a shady place next khổng lồ the Highway; cockroaches, rats, busses và trucks honking included for free) và wait for >2 hrs before giving up. All the phone numbers of the bus company dont work. Problems getting xe taxi or hotel at that time in the night are self-explanatory - luckily we found friendly accomodation in our previous hotel.After the bus company found it appropriate khổng lồ just reschedule our trip khổng lồ the next day (surprise: we couldnt just reschedule và our travel plans were messed up a bit) I contacted tanhailonghotel.com.vn. After a couple of mails back and forth with always another person on the tanhailonghotel.com.vn side, I found that they neither want to lớn follow my demand of a refund, nor really care. So here it is my opinion about tanhailonghotel.com.vn. Have fun with the 30€, you can keep them. And all the Vietnam travelers: Just keep away- there are better options.