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Tọa lạc trên địa điểm độc đắc ở trung tâm đô thị Đà Nẵng, Seahorse Hotel và Office by HAVI ở giải pháp Bãi biển khơi Thanh hao Bình 2,4 km, Trung trung khu tmùi hương mại Indochimãng cầu Riverside 400 m và Cầu Sông Hàn 800 m. We enjoyed our stay at the seahorse khách sạn from the first và until the very last minute there. We were charmingly welcomed by the friendly staff và they gave sầu us all the information needed about Da Nang và the surrounding area (also about day trips). The rooms we’re just as great as they look on the pictures - there was much space, everything was nicely cleaned, the furniture was high quality và the view onto lớn Da Nang was breathtakingly beautiful. The overall atmosphere of the hotel couldn’t have been better plus there is a great rooftop pool with a stunning view.

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Tọa lạc trên địa điểm lý tưởng phát minh tại chính giữa đô thị Thành Phố Đà Nẵng, Fivitel Boutique Da Nang hỗ trợ phòng nghỉ có trang bị ổn định, quầy bar, WiFi miễn tầm giá và Sảnh hiên. -Receptionists and attendants made me feel comfortable and at home page, & well taken care of-Limited breakfast options (due khổng lồ Covid19, they can’t prepare a buffet for just less than 10 guests) but they provided alternatives (ala carte breakfast)-Clean swimming pool-Towels, sheets, pillow cases smelled so good, loved the choice of fabric softener or laundry detergent-Well appointed rooms-Amazing window view-Rooftop view-Excellent location-I made a mistake in the check in date when I booked; gladly, they allowed me to lớn kiểm tra in a day earlier, stayed for 4 nights, after staying in different hotels (managed/ or owned by the same company)*negative-they forgot khổng lồ refill the shampoo and body toàn thân wash containers for the first two days, glad I brought my own-Some services were not available but then again this was largely due lớn Covid 19 related regulations and restrictionsWill definitely come bachồng here.