changes, which may be social, legal, or medical, that lead khổng lồ someone living their life as a person of a different gender to the one they were said to lớn have at birth:

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Some National Guard members experienced financial difficulties when they transitioned from state to federal control.
Texas schools have traditionally transitioned students from Spanish lớn English in elementary school.
If someone transitions, they make changes, which may be social, legal, or medical, that lead to them living as a person of a different gender lớn the one they were said to lớn have sầu at birth:
Following changes in taxation laws, the Internal Revenue Service has promised khổng lồ issue guidelines on how to deal with the transition.

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transition from sth (lớn sth) Government ministers believe that a gentler approach is needed during the transition from a government-led economy to lớn one where the private sector plays the dominant role.
the transition from sth Financial tư vấn, especially for mothers making the transition from welfare lớn work situations, is critical.
make a transition (from/khổng lồ sth) The region is slowly making a transition khổng lồ a more knowledge-based economy.

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a smooth/difficult/tough transition Both sides need lớn work together in order khổng lồ ensure a smooth transition of power.
manage/achieve/complete a transition How bởi you plan lớn complete a transition that is so far-reaching in terms of its targets without compromising the corporate culture?
We used an online program connected to the public school system in case he wanted lớn return so the transition would be easy.
She started using the women"s bathroom after her transition, but said it felt just as uncomfortable.