Saigon Nightlife: Little Japan


In Ho bỏ ra Minh City, there are many entertainment places to lớn come. But, when you do not like the crowded streets và luxury shopping centers, you can visit a peaceful place right in the đô thị center, Little japan Saigon or Little Tokyo Ho đưa ra Minh. That typical quarter locates at the alleys of Le Thanh Ton and Thai Van Lung Streets right in the heart of bustling District 1, called the Saigon Japanese Street.

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Little japan Saigon |

Little Tokyo Ho chi Minh City

The correct location of the Little nhật bản Saigon is on the road less than 2 km in District 1, from alley 15A, 15B Le Thanh Ton through to lớn Thai Van Lung, và nearby streets such as Ngo Van Nam, Thi Sach… Here you can easily find Japanese restaurants, bars, and cakes with closed wooden doors và bilingual signs. Many Japanese people choose lớn work and live on these streets.

To get into this town, you can go from many directions besides on Le Thanh Ton Street because the alleys are connected with each other. But the most convenient way, please park the oto in Thi Sach Street và walk in this area from the lanes 15B Le Thanh Ton or alley No. 8 thai Van Lung Street.

Some people tell that a Japanese trader was coming lớn Saigon and felt in love with a local girl. Then, he lived here & established the Little nhật bản Saigon. That is an untrue story, but the people want to lớn tell a lovely thing about its establishment. Indeed, many Japanese people and tourists have come to lớn Vietnam lớn work và visit. Some of them have lived for a long time in Saigon. Lớn supply their needs, the Japanese businessmen open the shops. And, the Japanese town becomes a part of Ho chi Minh City.

A town with Japanese culture

As its name Little japan Town, this place gives visitors the feeling of being in the corner of Japan. The whole area has a sign made of wood, red-white-yellow cloth lanterns, & a typical rolling door. If there are not the address lines in Vietnamese, you will surely think you are standing in the heart of a corner in Tokyo.

Japanese Town in Saigon |

In addition to being business stores và restaurants, it is also home to 300 Japanese households. Therefore, it still retains many typical cultural features, such as clean, civilized, và not noisy.

The difference of the Japanese Quarter in Saigon compared lớn other foreign streets, such as Bui Vien Walking Street, is that this place is not vibrant. The guests will feel warming feelings like Japanese culture.

The closed wooden frames, lanterns, và door curtains clearly show a typical lifestyle at this site. It is this quiet space that makes this place even more attractive, especially at night.

Visit the Japanese restaurants in Saigon

When telling about Japan, people are impressed not only by the beautiful scenery but also by the typical cuisine.

Since the establishment of Little Tokyo Ho đưa ra Minh, the popular dishes of the Japanese have come to lớn enrich the life in this area, including takoyaki, okonomiyaki, sushi, ramen…

The food taste may not be as perfect as where they were originated. But, the cookers still try their best lớn blow the soul of Japanese cuisine in those dishes, which helps the Japanese living in Ho bỏ ra Minh city ease their homesickness.

A retaurant in Little japan Town |

What is indispensable in the store is Tkoyak octopus cake. This is a portion of popular Japanese street food. The takoyaki here has a very affordable price, only from 20,000 VND for three balls. This dish attracts both the Japanese và Vietnamese diners.

For the cakes with Japanese style, Sakura Takoyaki is one of the highlights. You will see the red-yellow lanterns hanging in front of the doors và the curtains fluttering in the breeze of restaurants, creating a little Japanese culture for the guests when entering these alleys.

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Opposite Sakura restaurant is a ramen cửa hàng with brown painted wooden doors. This is one of the favorite shops for many young people. Stepping inside to enjoy the bowl of ramen noodles, you will feel as if you have traveled thousands of miles straight lớn the land of cherry blossoms.

When looking at the workers of the restaurants, you will see their hands in hurry skills khổng lồ make noodles. & when you want to lớn take a picture, they are happy to smile with you, that looks lượt thích an invitation khổng lồ a greeting.

The impressive point of this town is all stores are decorated with a warm color, cloth curtains, and Japanese-style lanterns in front of the house. All activities happen behind the doors, not outside lượt thích other streets in Saigon. Thus, all the town seems quiet và gentle, escaping from the busy life of this bustling city.

A beautiful place khổng lồ take pictures

Besides enjoy the quality atmosphere, the Little japan Saigon is absolutely a suitable place to lớn take pictures. Every corner here is pretty with a Japanese style. So, the town attracts many photographers, both amateurs & professional ones.

Japanese Town in Saigon |

You can find cool graffiti walls as the background. For the last few years, these walls looked old & dirty, but since the graffiti painters created paintings, the streets have become more attractive.

Also, you see red – yellow round lanterns written in Japanese hanging from the beginning to lớn the end of the alleys.

At night, the town lights up, and plenty of guests come in và go out shops, all like a mini corner of Tokyo. That attracts a lot of people to lớn take pictures, and you need a better và more professional camera because it is dark. Also, be careful when you take pictures at nighttime khổng lồ avoid facing some girls because some of them work at the spa and mas sa shops here.

The best time to lớn visit Japanese Town in Saigon

For looking at the views và amateur photographers, it is the best time to lớn visit between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm because this is the time for the most beautiful sunlight. The alleys here are quiet, narrow, quite dark for the rest of time.

For diners, most of the restaurants xuất hiện from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm for lunchtime. And, they will mở cửa it again from 6:00 pm.

For the “night owls” who lượt thích to explore the nightlife in Saigon and Japanese town, you can visit here after 7:00 pm và onwards. It is the time when the bars, mát xa places, & other stores lighting up. Many people come in & out of the stores at night, so you should be careful about your belongings.

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Little japan Saigon is one of the typical town in Ho bỏ ra Minh city that no other places in Vietnam have. The Japanese community brings a new breeze into the hustle life in HCMC, creating a lovely area for the visitors who want to find a tranquil place to come. You come here once lớn see Saigon has a diverse culture & a different destination lớn visit.