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Liquidity is important in our Mã Sản Phẩm because risk-averse individuals have an incentive to smooth consumption over earnings và employment shocks.
Fluctuating prices increase the equilibrium forest stochồng because, for risk-averse forest owners, marginal utility of exploitation is lower when revenues are uncertain.
Risk-averse decision makers should be interested not only in expected values but also in the variances of outcome variables.
Future interest rates and prices need not be known, & risk-averse behavior relative to lớn those stochastic processes need not be excluded.
This is likely khổng lồ be true even for risk-averse low-income farmers for whom subsistence crops are a major portfolio tác phẩm.
But how can one teach the management of risk when increasingly the framework of teaching itself is becoming risk averse?
So even risk averse individuals may decide to delay in the expectation of creating more wealth & enjoying a higher long-term income.
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