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I gave sầu her a ride when her oto broke down và now she is returning the favour (= doing something to lớn help me in exchange).

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She hadn"t returned their earlier queries because, she said, she had already explained herself clearly.
to lớn decide and say if you think someone is guilty or not guilty, or what punishment the person will be given in a court of law:
the key on a computer keyboard that you press in order to lớn say that the words or numbers on the screen are correct, or that an instruction should be performed, or in order lớn move down a line on the screen:
goods that have sầu been taken back lớn the cửa hàng where they were bought by customers because they are damaged or unsuitable
lớn take or send a product baông xã to lớn the company that sold it to you. You usually bởi this if you want them lớn replace the hàng hóa or lớn give you back your money:
to skết thúc a cheque baông xã to lớn the person who wrote it, usually because they do not have enough money in the bank lớn pay the whole amount:
make/see a return (on sth) They need lớn charge prices of over $20 a barrel in order lớn make a return.

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a hàng hóa that is returned to a company because the buyer is not satisfied with it, or the act of returning products lớn a company:
an official document with details of your income that you sover khổng lồ the government tax department each year so that income tax can be calculated:
When you have sầu submitted your return, the Revenue promises you instant acknowledgement of its receipt.
the key on a computer keyboard that you press khổng lồ give sầu an instruction, or khổng lồ start a new line in a document:
In the context of the model sketch presented above sầu, stoông chồng returns & returns khổng lồ capital are direct measures of productivity.
In several instances, he returns khổng lồ subjects treated earlier in the book, such as children"s education & the evolution from scrolls khổng lồ codices.