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Princess D"An Nam Resort & Spage authority is an all-villa boutique resort và spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp, designed in Vietnamese New Tropical Style. Here, where chic French luxury meets traditional Vietnamese hospitality, a fascinating eco-system of mountains và rivers is just waiting to lớn be discovered. Designed by award-winning architect Tan Hochồng Beng, the resort style mixes modernist sensibility and post colonial ambiance. With its 48 exclusive villas, four swimming pools, two restaurants, & a sumptuous 1,800–square-meter spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp complex, Princess D"An Nam Resort & Spage authority is an idyllic haven of calm and luxury. An international management team supported by well-trained Vietnamese staff offers personalized attention, including 24-hour in-villa service, and elevates cuisine to an art-de-vivre. Princess D"an Nam Resort & Spa spans 1,800 square meters of ocean view with its century-old lighthouse.Under the thiết kế direction of interior designer Vincent Koh, all 57 villas are lavished with furnishing in contemporary Vietnamese tropical style & embellished with richly patterned & finely crafted accessories & objects of traditional culture và modern refinement. Reminiscent of charming Oriental hotels of old, Princess D"an Nam Resort và Spa"s timeless beauty is borne of modernist simpliđô thị, a set of old và new elements, và a blend of Chinese và Vietnamese details which create a distinctive sầu elegance. A modern interpretation of French-colonial architecture fused with Oriental imagery, each evokes a sense of timelessness and Eastern mystery.

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The Villas" unique masonry foundations imbue a sense of gravitas and history, balanced by roofs which add lightness & elegance. Ornate latticework & rubbled walls bring a dainty, quaint atmosphere to its panoramic resort setting. Choose from 36 Mandarin Suites, 18 Princess Villas, & three double-storey Empress Villas that feature their own infinity pool & magnificent ocean views.The private garden was designed by Alan W. Carle. Known for his award-winning landscape thiết kế such as the new Ginger Garden within the famed Singapore Botanic Gardens. The Binc Thuan province where the resort is located is replete with natural beauty. With its long stretch overlooking the East Sea, stunning mountains, red canyons, svà dunes, as well as a rich ecosystem, the region offers a wide range of outdoor activities, such as four-wheel exploration on dirt roads và spectacular mountain rides in vintage jeeps. For avid golfers, the par-72 18-hole nearby Ocean Dune golf course in Phan Thiet designed by Niông xã Faldo is one of Vietnam"s best.At Princess D"an Nam Resort và Spa, you will be surrounded by things of beauty and moments of privilege, & the inherent grace and hospitality of its people.