Top things to do in phan thiet


Have Fun At Mui Ne Beach

As one of the most stunning tropical beaches in Vietnam, Mui Ne Beach is a perfect destination for all kind of tourists. Thanks khổng lồ the turquoise water & warm weather, Mui Ne beach is a great place for swimming as well as other water activities such as windsurfing, snorkeling, và scuba diving. With the consistently strong winds, Mui Ne is also an ideal place for kite surfing. Hit Mui Ne Beach khổng lồ have a great time.

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Visit Mui Ne Fishing Village

Mui Ne Fishing village offers you a breathtaking view of endless coastline lined with swaying palm trees and colorful fishing boats moored on the sea. To lớn avoid the scorching heat, you should visit the village in the early morning or late afternoon. Go to lớn the fishing harbor in the early morning when the fishermen return from the sea to lớn admire the stunning moment of sunrise và to witness the daily life of local people. Visit village you also can sample a wide range of fresh grilled seafood at affordable prices.


Binge On Mouthwatering Food

If you are in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet you absolutely must try its tasty cuisine. As one of the most famous destinations for seafood lovers, Mui Ne offers a ton of fresh seafood from grilled red snappers, clams lớn mussels. You also will see many specialties on the menu of many restaurants in Mui Ne such as dishes from crocodiles, snakes, & turtles. Besides seafood, you can taste a lot of fresh tropical fruits such as mangoes, litchis, mangosteens, và papayas. You will see long fruits are sold a lot there. Give it a try! Trust me, it’s so yummy!


Go Quad Biking At white Sand Dunes

As one of the most exciting activities in Mui Ne, quat biking will give you an amazing experience. Rent a xe đạp to get to the trắng sand dunes. It’s so much fun to lớn go quad biking there. Challenge yourself with the sand dunes of 25km on the rented quad bike. After having fun with quad biking, you can walk to lớn the lotus pond & admire the romantic and peaceful sunset.

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Head khổng lồ Red Sand Dunes

If you have enough time to go quad biking at the white Sand Dunes, you can visit the Red Sand Dunes instead. Stretch a few kilometers from the center, Red Sand Dunes can be reached easily by car or motorbike. Sand-sledding is a must-try activity at the Red Sand Dunes. There is a chain of ocean-opposite resorts and hotels next lớn the Red Sand Dunes. Therefore, after soaking into those sand dunes, you can relax in one of those resorts. Sit at Red Sand Dunes in the late afternoon khổng lồ admire the amazing moment of sunset. That vivid scene is such a masterpiece of the Mother Nature. Take your camera khổng lồ capture this wonderful moment.

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Explore The Fairy Stream

Fairy stream is one of the most wonderful places you cannot miss in Phan Thiet. Surrounded by limestones, this stream gurgles between fishing villages và beaches. Take off your shoes lớn feel the warm water. After exploring this muddy stream, you can go through green trees và limestone formations to reach the silver waterfall. From the Fairy Stream, you can visit some factories khổng lồ witness the production of fish sauce.


Treat Yourself Nostrils At Fish Sauce Vats

As a popular condiment of Asian food, fish sauce is produced in many places throughout Vietnam. In Vietnamese, fish sauce is called “nuoc mam”. Like Phu Quoc island, Phan Thiet is well-known for its special fish sauce which made from fresh fish and salt. Visit Phan Thiet, tourist will have an opportunity lớn visit a factory of fish sauce. Coming khổng lồ there, you can see the whole production of Phan Thiet fish sauce. It is such an interesting experience you cannot forget. If you like, bởi vì not forget to lớn buy some bottle of fish sauce lớn take back home. Vietnamese people often choose the fish sauce lớn give friends & relatives after their Phan Thiet vacation.Feel free to contact us lớn have a wonderful Vietnam vacation!