Modulation Là Gì

a change in the style, loudness, etc. of something such as your voice in order to achieve sầu an effect or express an emotion:
The actors sit on stools and present the script và character through intonation and other voice modulations.

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A surreal, nightmarish atmosphere is created in the film by constant modulations of colouring of the light.

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It is best to lớn write what sounds smooth and natural, so we should forget about modulations to far-distant keys (e. g. C lớn F).

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the process of changing the amplitude or frequency of an electrical signal by mixing it with another signal, or a signal that has been changed like this:
With traditional radar, the modulation và frequency of the signal can be fine-tuned lớn produce the easiest-to-read emang lại.
Physically, this 6 has the effect of a long-wavelength modulation to lớn the system which would be the same for all the interaction coefficients.
On the other hand, the cone (filled triangles) và horizontal cell (filled squares) show a substantially linear relation over the entire modulation range.
Modulation of the oil flow in the main valves is presently controlled by the pilot oil pressure through manually operated pilot control valves.
Of significance to lớn this Review are observations of local growth modulation that imply that the neural retina itself must be the source of growth-regulating signals.
This simulation shows that the amplitude of the modulations dues khổng lồ the static aberrations are independent of the correction.
It is generally assumed that attentional weights are encoded in terms of firing rate modulation by top-down cortical feedbaông chồng, plausibly from prefrontal cortex.
In addition, considerable experience was acquired in the modulation và elimination of infection, usually with chemotherapeutic agents.