Mix Là Gì

lớn (cause different substances to) combine, so that the result cannot easily be separated into its parts:

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something that is sold in the size of a powder khổng lồ which a liquid, such as water, can be added later:
to lớn combine different substances, esp. so that the result cannot easily be separated inlớn its parts, or to cause different substances lớn combine in this way:
(of a person) to lớn be comfortable being with or talking khổng lồ other people in social situations, esp. people you bởi vì not know:
A mix is also a food substance that you can buy và lớn which a liquid, such as water or milk, can be added later when preparing to lớn cook something:
a set of sth The board will continue khổng lồ have sầu the right set of skills and experience to drive the company forward.

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in/inlớn the phối But even if Internet ads are creeping into lớn the phối, television is still their most important sale medium.

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something that is sold in the form of a powder and khổng lồ which a liquid, such as water, can be added later:
cake/cement phối The company chops và sells the nylon fabric to other firms that turn it into new carpet, cement set, or sewer pipes.
The studies use a nice mix of qualitative sầu and quantitative sầu measures, although they lack representative sầu samples.
Part of hospitals" revenues was then made dependent upon the number of patients treated và the patient mix.
The diversity of themes covered in the papers is the reason why this seemed to lớn be such an eclectic mix.
The three processes of mixing are constrained by different structural conditions tied khổng lồ paradigmatic và syntagmatic relations.