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A very stylish boutique hotelSuch a hidden gem in Sài Gòn thành phố ! I love everything from the thiết kế, quality, food khổng lồ the friendly service here. You got a five- star quality with an affordable price❤️ I think this is a great place to lớn stay when you travel khổng lồ Viet Nam or for those who need a quick getaway in the đô thị. Definitely will come bachồng soon.

Quỳnh Thi đề nghị xuất xắc vờiMinch ở một đêm ở chống 55View đẹp nhất bao gồm ban công rất rộng lớn nhân viên cấp dưới thì siêu dễ thương và đáng yêu thân thiết cùng hỗ trợPhong sạch sẽ, đẩy đầy đủ tiện nghi, có bồn tắm với sang trọng. Thích đúng theo dù là đôi bạn trẻ xuất xắc là gia đình

Hidden charm germ in TP HCM cityHidden charm germ in TP HCM đô thị. The hotel is designed in a Retro style by the French architect. I have a special impression on this khách sạn. The food at this khách sạn is delicious with 5 * chef. I will visit this place whenever I go on business trip or with my child come to lớn HCM đô thị

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5-Star Boutique HotelMost of my travels I stay in a 5-star brvà hotels and Maison de Camille, nestled in a small & quiet alley is very impressive sầu in terms of kiến thiết, unique, service, cleanliness & a good choice of breakfast. I would definitely recommover this lovely boutique.
Lovely little hotelLovely little khách sạn in a small street but not cthua kém khổng lồ touristic sights. The room on the 6th floor got a nice view over the busy thành phố vietphái mạnh. If you want lớn see the main attractions you have sầu lớn take a taxi.
Geweldig hotel!Maison de Camille is een geweldig hotel, waar wij heerlijk tot rust zijn gekomen mãng cầu al het reizen! Het personeel is onwijs behulpzaam en vriendelijk. Het ontbijt bij Maison de Camille is het beste ontbijt dat wij tot nu toe gehad hebben na ruyên ổn een maand reizen. Zo heeft het khách sạn bijvoorbeeld eigen gemaakte yogurt en toetjes en overheerlijke koffie. De keuze is erg ruim! Ook de kamers zijn erg rulặng, schoon en de bedden liggene heerlijk. Het khách sạn heeft daarnaast een verdieping waar je kan darten en tafelvoetbal kan spelen. Ook heeft dezelfde verdieping een balkon met een prachtig uitzicht. Hier kan je gebruik maken van een ligbed!
Excellent staffThe purpose of writing this letter is lớn compliment your hotel staff for their wonder service. Thanks to lớn your staff for making it such a comfortable stay at your hotel. I was there for four days on a business trip and for all these days I was attended with utmost warmth. I was impressed khổng lồ see the prompt room service. One of the staff Phuong even show me to lớn the room when I checked in . When i went to the lobby to find nearby area for good food và drinks she even take time lớn search for me and recommended me.I would like khổng lồ compliment your entire staff for being so professional. With smile on their faces, they have been really very impressive in their service. And I would like to lớn visit your khách sạn again for this outstanding experience.
Fab hotelFabulous boutique khách sạn. Very well appointed, pretty comfortable room. Excellent breakfast và we also enjoyed a meal in the restaurant one evening. Nice neighbourhood but a little way from town so a xe taxi is needed. The khách sạn provide không lấy phí shuttle lớn town centre twice a day. Would definitely recommover this hotel.
Très bon moment!Nous avons passé 3 nuits dans cet hôtel. Les chambres sont spacieuses, propres, et très agréables. Il y a un rooftop sur lequel nous pouvons nous reposer au soleil. Le petit déjeuner est copieux et varié. Les fruits frais sont excellent et il y a de quoi ravir toutes les envies. Le petit bémol est l’emplacement un peu loin du centre ville. Nous y étions pendant la fête du TÊT et tout était fermé aux alentours. Le système de navettes gratuites n’est pas très pratique nous avons à chaque fois pris des taxis.Le personnel est très accueillant.
Lovely small và chic hotelA really comfortable and beautifully decorated small hotel with great service. It seemed a bit out of the way when we first arrived but was actually a really good base lớn visit District 1 và also District 2 và an interesting area in its own right. We stayed in District 1 when we first arrived and here for our last 2 nights và I"d definitely recommkết thúc it.

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Cool Spaces

A stay at Maison De Camille Boutique Hotel is the kind of getaway you will not forget:20 keys City view | Rooftop playground | Concierge services | Restaurant | In-room dining (from 06:30 to 22:00) | Specialty Rooms & Suites | Premium linens và amenities | Minibar | Same day laundry & dry-clean service | Turn down service | Street parking

Wow Hotel

Always complimentaryBuffet breakfast with Italian coffee including Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Espresso Macchiakhổng lồ, Tea, Juice | Free high speed Wi-fi | Daily drinking bottles, coffee, tea in-room