< + to infinitive sầu > The government has promised to lớn introduce legislation to limit fuel emissions from cars.

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The Data Protection Act is a piece of legislation aimed at protecting the privacy of the individual.

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push for/introduce/pass legislation Legislation was passed in the House earlier this month lớn double the National Science Foundation grants.
proposed/new/tougher legislation Under the proposed legislation, businesses will have sầu khổng lồ provide detailed evidence of how they pay themselves.

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legislation to bởi sth Environmentalists are fighting for legislation to clean up the city-owned ports.
A critic of the data protection regime might note that the legislation protects debtors with more force than it does creditors.
Recent legislation requiring pharmaceutical manufacturers to lớn present economic evaluations when requesting reimbursement decisions will probably have sầu an important impact in the future.
For example, can the ethic of care be easily incorporated inlớn legislation, or might it ultimately be too discretionary to lớn capture within legal rules?
One consequence was the establishment of an interdepartmental committee late in 1935 lớn consider the legislation required khổng lồ take emergency powers.
While the community care legislation was enacted in 1990, full implementation was delayed until 1993.
It also proves the case for the inappropriateness of universalizing domestic legislation and standards.
Inevitably, health và safety legislation generates a plethora of acronyms, which are fortunately well covered by a 12-page appendix.