Lard Là Gì

The body needs fat but fat is very high in calories. A gram of fat provides the body toàn thân with up to 9 calories while a gram of protein or a gram of starch provides the toàn thân with only 4 calories. Therefore, it is necessary khổng lồ determine the amount of fat provided khổng lồ the body in a reasonable way. All cooking fats và oils are made up of saturated, polyunsaturated, và monounsaturated fatty acids in varying proportions.

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Currently, many consumers are confused whether to lớn use cooking oil or use animal fat in food processing because according to some arguments defending the beneficial view of animal fat, lard is the soul of food. Food, whatever it is, just one tablespoon of animal fat is enough lớn create a dish with beautiful color, aroma & delicious taste. It is an additive that makes dishes more wonderful because the aroma of tallow is irreplaceable because the main source of this aroma is a small amount of a special protein, a manure product. Destruction of glycerides. So is it really better lớn eat lard or cooking oil? In fact, animal fat contains a lot of saturated (saturated) fatty acids và has the ability lớn create cholesterol in the blood. Meanwhile, vegetable oil contains many unsaturated fatty acids (unsaturated), no cholesterol (except for some types such as coconut oil, palm oil, cocoa oil). If vegetable oil contains a lot of vitamins E, K, then animal fat contains a lot of vitamins A và D. Pork fat and cooking oil are two indispensable foods in human"s daily life. Using only vegetable oils & completely omitting animal fats will cause a nutritional imbalance. About the nutritional value of lard and cooking oil, nutrition experts said: "In fat, there are many saturated fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D. In vegetable oil, there is no fatty acid. Saturated, fat-soluble vitamins such as vi-ta-min E, vi-ta-min K, but unsaturated fatty acids, if used at high temperature, will be decomposed into toxic substances harmful to the toàn thân for a long time. Thus, it is clear that animal fat does not cause fatter than vegetable oil as has long been believed because each gram of oil và fat provides the same 9 calories, so even lard and cooking oil cause weight gain. Are the same và the use of cooking oil or animal fat is good for the body toàn thân but needs a balance in use khổng lồ process food to help ensure health.

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