Kit Là Gì

the particular clothing worn by a sports team, or the particular clothing và small pieces of equipment worn và used by people such as soldiers and sailors:

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The kit was applied according to the manufacturer"s instructions & results revealed an activity course during in vitro maturation very different from what was expected.
In the longer term it will be necessary khổng lồ develop a range of kits to lớn allow a standard manipulator configuration to fit to lớn various wheelchairs.
It seems clear that the kit items that occupy the front part of the overall distribution are those that are followed by a velar consonant.
Each product was sequenced in both the directions và appropriate kit controls were used with each reaction.
Furthermore, it could be observed that the behavior of the kit vowel is less straightforward than the movement of the overall means over time suggest.
The low concentration detected by the field test kit could be attributed to lớn the high moisture nội dung or sample heterogeneity.
Results obtained by the thử nghiệm kits are therefore treated conservatively when comparing them to environmental criteria.
The use of such a simple khung of sensing enforces a further assumption concerning the initial trang chủ location of each assembly kit part.
For example, for the word mèo, both mat và flat are rime neighbors, cap and catch are body neighbors, and kit is a consonant neighbor.
Based on the validation exercise, immunoassay kiểm tra kits were used for on-site delineation and confirmatory testing during site remediation.
Costs included purchase price for the kiểm tra kit, laboratory fees, and staff pay, as well as provision for depreciation of apparatus.
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