Khách sạn bel ami sài gòn

This charming Bel Ami Saigon hotel Ho đưa ra Minh city lies around 10 minutes" walk from Central Post Office. Boasting location next to lớn Ton Duc Thang Museum, the 2-star smoke miễn phí hotel offers 40 rooms together with a lounge bar onsite.

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The accommodation has a charming setting 1.6 km of Tao Dan Park. The hotel is adjacent to lớn Riverside and within 1.8 km to View.

Offering comforts like a shower cap & towels, the bathrooms also feature a bidet, a roll-in shower and a bath.

Bel Ami Saigon khách sạn serves a không tính tiền breakfast daily. Guests will enjoy contemporary, Asian & Vietnamese meals at Hoa Tuc, which is less than 5 minutes" walk away. Hoa Mai bus station can be found at 0.9 km distance from this Ho đưa ra Minh city property. It is only 0.5 km away from rã Son Nhat International airport.

Offering comforts lượt thích a shower cap and towels, the bathrooms also feature a bidet, a roll-in shower & a bath.




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Popular spots near Bel Ami khách sạn Ho bỏ ra Minh city include Ton Duc Thang Street, Saigon Centre, Saigon River, and many more.

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Yes, restaurants near Bel Ami hotel include Hoa Tuc and Knick Knack restaurants, located just about 5 minutes" walk away.
Bel Ami hotel does not offer parking. Please contact the khách sạn representatives to learn more about additional facilities available onsite.
Facilities offered in Bel Ami khách sạn Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố include a golf course, karaoke & a restaurant.

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