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Special note: please liên hệ us to kiểm tra "" Seat Availability" before booking bus ticket. Best Regards,

Robin Hill ~ Dalat Cable car
Dalat city Introduction
Pongour waterfall
Elephant waterfall
Datanla Waterfalls Dalat

Direct Sleeper Bus Departure at 17:00 ( 05:00 PM).

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- Buyer postal code:

After we check the availability, then we will reply to lớn your e-mail enclosed with payment links by credit thẻ under buyer name. After we received your payment then we send the confirmation và voucher khổng lồ you. Please chú ý that all online credit transactions are subject lớn a 3% surcharge with all cards . What passengers need to vày before departure: - Passenger are recommended to lớn be at the meeting point for pick up at least 45 minutes before departure.

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- Each passenger can carry on board a không tính tiền baggage of maximum weight of đôi mươi kg. - Ticket refund và change should be made before departure at least 24 hours. In case of group tickets, only ticket refund is permitted và should be made at least 24 hours before departure. Refund and change fare are applied. - Passengers are considered as proper e- Ticket owners with valid Boarding Pass và travel/ identification document such as ID thẻ with photo, receipt, bus ticket or confirmation of services by email.

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- Bus company does not check bags over its routes. There is no liability for unchecked baggage and personal belongings. Customers should keep their personal belongings, especially valuables such as cell phones, tablets, laptops và medications in their possession at all times.