Are you planning a trip lớn Hanoi, Vietnam, and wondering where you should book your stay? The most popular area for tourists is the Old Quarter where you’ll be within walking distance of Ho Hoan Kiem Lake, the Opera House, the night market, và countless bars & restaurants.

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Check out the list of our 10 favorite hotels in & around the Old Quarter below lớn help you plan your trip to lớn Hanoi.


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Where to lớn Stay in Hanoi

Most tourist attractions are centered around Hoan Kim Lake & Hanoi’s Old Quarter so that’s where we recommend you base yourself during your stay in Hanoi. You’ll have the madness & excitement of the đô thị right on your doorstep. Plus, this is where most of Hanoi’s best hotels are located.

If you’re looking for an alternative neighborhood to lớn stay in during your trip to Hanoi, try the French Quarter located to the south & east of Hoan Kim Lake. There you’ll find loads of old French architecture. Some of the buildings have been beautifully restored into embassies or residences while others have been left lớn crumble.

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The third option in Hanoi is lớn stay north of West Lake which is much calmer và quieter than the Old Quarter. This is where many of Hanoi’s ex-pat residents choose lớn base themselves.

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The đứng đầu 10 Hotels in Hanoi, Vietnam

1. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi


The hotel bars và restaurants are grand and the outdoor terrace is stunning. So even if you choose not to stay at the Sofitel Legend Metropole, it’s worth stopping in to lớn see it for yourself. Or better yet, enjoy a craft cocktail in the whiskey lounge.

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There’s no question that the Sofitel Legend Metropole is the most historic khách sạn in Hanoi & perhaps in all of Vietnam.

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2. Hanoi La Siesta khách sạn Trendy


Breakfast every morning is superb, & you should definitely enjoy a nightcap in the wine cellar và cigar bar!