Fluctuation là gì

a change, or the process of changing, especially continuously between one cấp độ or thing & another:

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fluctuations in sth Employers can adjust their workforce in line with fluctuations in demand for goods & services.

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fluctuations of sth Long-term investment trusts compensate investors for the day-to-day fluctuation of the stock market.
Improved understanding of the hormonal causes and consequences of symptom fluctuation may lead to lớn improved pharmacological & psychological treatments.
Nonetheless, ratios of post-harvest weights to lớn pre-harvest weights reinforced the view that weight fluctuations were not uniformly large.
More important than the first-order approximation are the random fluctuations around the deterministic trajectory of the delay equation.
Alternatively, higher early depression scores in the intervention group could reflect a failure of randomization or simple random fluctuation.
The excited atom interacts with the vacuum fluctuations which cause the spontaneous emission of radiation.
Compared to the previous results, the fluctuation of relative phase difference is considerably reduced.
In particular, in non-equilibrium small systems thermal fluctuations can lead lớn observable large deviations from their average behavior.
However, despite the narrow time gap between assessments, it is possible that there was fluctuation in depressive symptoms between assessments.
The results indicate that the approach can effectively predict fluctuations in life-cycle metrics during component design synthesis.
These larger eddies can stir the fluid more efficiently, thereby reducing concentration fluctuations (see figure 4).