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Located in Mekong River Delta, it is very easy for tourists khổng lồ visit Phu Quoc from Chau Doc. If you are a new traveler, let’s kiểm tra this post below khổng lồ know how khổng lồ travel from Chau Doc to Phu Quoc.

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Overview of Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is also called Pearl Island which is the largest island in Vietnam featuring beautiful và wild landscapes. Nature gives Phu Quoc a harmonious scenery, warm climate all year round. Besides, Phu Quoc also owns long & beautiful beaches, clear xanh sea that will be the ideal destinations for couples & family to lớn go on a honeymoon or a vacation trip. Traveling in Phu Quoc, tourists can immerse themselves in the wild và beautiful nature, enjoy great food, relax at the modern & fully-equipped resorts.

The island of Phu Quoc remains the untouched natural characteristics và fresh air even though the number of tourists is more và more crowded. Not only attracting tourists in the beautiful beaches & natural sites such as Bai Sao, Bai Dai, Bai Khem, ganh Dau, Dinh Cau, streams Tranh, da Ban springs, domain authority Ngon springs, etc, this peaceful island also owns Phu Quoc State Garden, đam mê Ninh ancient fishing village, Phu Quoc fish sauce factory, pearl processing workshops or vast green pepper gardens.

Kien Giang coastal và marine reserves including Phu Quoc island district was recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve area in 2006 attracting thousands of visitors to Phu Quoc tour of the year.

Not only that, in the journey to lớn discover the Pearl island paradise, visitors can go scuba diving lớn watch the virtual beauty of coral reefs with about 260 species. With a rich & diverse marine ecosystem of An Thoi archipelago và some small islands in the north, Phu Quoc is an ideal place for tourists to lớn be satisfied khổng lồ discover the mysterious sea.

Here, they can watch corals in glassy shallow waters & simple snorkeling, explore the sea with professional diving equipment or combine diving with night squid fishing and wild island discovery.

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Phu Quoc island

Itinerary from Chau Doc to Phu Quoc

In order lớn get to Phu Quoc from Chau Doc, you have lớn get to lớn Ha Tien town of Kien Giang province, then take a boat to Phu Quoc.

From Chau Doc to Ha Tien

Chau Doc is a town of An Giang province in Mekong Delta, this is a border town which is adjacent at Cambodia, so the local culture here is a mixture of Viet, Chinese, và Khmer. The distance between Chau Doc and Ha Tien is about 78 km, but the road distance of two destinations is over 93 km. So, from Chau Doc to lớn Ha Tien, there are some options for tourists khổng lồ move. The cheapest way lớn get to Ha Tien from Chau Doc, An Giang is by bus which costs $3, and it takes you about 3 hours to lớn transfer khổng lồ Ha Tien.

You can ask for moving khổng lồ Chau Doc station in Chau Doc town, and then buy a ticket to lớn get to Ha Tien station. There is a direct bus departing from Chau Doc và arriving at Ha Tien departing every two hours, and operating every day.

Another option is lớn catch a taxi, this is the quickest way lớn get khổng lồ Ha Tien from Chau Doc. This is also a convenient option for you when you vì chưng not go to lớn Chau Doc station to lớn catch a bus, you can book a taxi at your hotel and start your trip to lớn Ha Tien, which costs $60 - $80 & takes 1 hour và a half to lớn move.

From Ha Tien khổng lồ Phu Quoc

Ha Tien is about 45 km from Phu Quoc, so when you arrive at Ha Tien from Chau Doc, continue khổng lồ travel khổng lồ Phu Quoc from Ha Tien by ferry which takes about 1 hour & a half. There are currently 3 ferries daily from Ha Tien to Phu Quoc. One fast ferry leaves at 08:00 taking about 90 minutes, the second ferry leaves at 08:20 và takes 2.5 hours, and the third ferry leaves at 13.00 & takes about 90 minutes.

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Sometimes in the rainy season, one ferry doesn't run due to lớn lack of demand or maintenance issues. If the weather condition is bad, the small fast ferries might be canceled. The ferry will port on Bai Vong Port on Phu Quoc island, and the ferry ticket price is about $10 - $18 (VND 230.000 - 400.000). There are some prestigious ferry brands for you to lớn choose which are Superdong, Phu Quoc Express.


Ferry from Ha Tien khổng lồ Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a famous tourist attraction in the south of Vietnam featuring many beautiful beaches & other natural sites for tourists khổng lồ take a rest & have fun. If you don’t know how to travel to Phu Quoc from Chau Doc, let’s update this information khổng lồ apply for your trip. Thank you!