Binh Quoi Village


Bin Quoi is a tourist village & a popular destination for families. Reminiscent of the Mekong Delta, it consists of green lawns, walking paths, fishing ponds, open-air cottages, floating restaurants, and bamboo bridges. Traditional music and dance entertainment shows are held in the evening.

Located just a few miles of Saigon or the busy Ho chi Minh City, the Binh Quoi Village và is one of the most popular tourist sites in the region. Tourists from all corners of the globe gather here to experience a day in the life of a villager from Vietnam. While everything displayed within the village has been designed perfectly, keeping the old rural charm intact, it seems lượt thích a fairy tale or a splendid film set where the life of the villagers comes alive with every detail added meticulously. Visitors lớn Vietnam are amazed lớn find themselves in a peaceful, relaxing spot within a few minutes of leaving the busy Ho bỏ ra Minh City. Situated on the Thanh domain authority Peninsula of the Saigon River, the village includes several attractions for entertaining tourists. The sight of bamboo thatched huts is reminiscent of a traditional Vietnamese Village that had been common at the turn of the century.

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Tips on Visiting Binh Quoi Village

It is Best to Come khổng lồ Binh Quoi Village on Monday Mornings khổng lồ Avoid the Massive Crowds (Source)Monday mornings are the best time to lớn visit the village when there are very few tourists around.It is best to carry a mosquito repellent when visiting the village after sundown.The buffet features more than 50 classic dishes; unfortunately, none of them are vegetarian or vegan.Most vendors bởi vì not accept credit cards making it mandatory to lớn carry cash.It is not recommended lớn visit the village at noon on account of the excessive heat.It is convenient khổng lồ book seats well in advance for live musical shows.
Binh Quoi Village in Ho đưa ra Minh City, Vietnam (Source)Binh Quoi village is a nature park that has been designed as a traditional village of the Mekong Valley. It reminds one how the rural Vietnamese people lived here in the last century. It is a picturesque setting featuring many attractions that is perfect for weekend trips.

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SourceBinh Quoi Village is just situated just outside Ho bỏ ra Minh City and can be reached within đôi mươi minutes from the city center by taking a metered xe taxi that will cost around VND 100,000. Located at 1147 Binh Quoi Street in the Binh Thanh District, the local populace prefers khổng lồ board Bus No. 44 from Ben Thanh Market and alight at the Binh Quoi Station, adjacent to the village. The tickets cost VND 5,000. Foreign nationals make sure khổng lồ hire a car to the destination while the backpackers use affordable motorcycle taxis khổng lồ ride to lớn the village.
Binh Quoi Village (Source)The Binh Quoi Village lies along the entire stretch of the Binh Quoi Street with areas demarcated for specific purposes. One would therefore be elated to participate in a host of interesting và amusing activities at Binh Quoi 1 with Binh Quoi 2 entirely dedicated to lớn sports & related activities. It is natural to find a tennis game in progression here while the swimming enthusiasts have a delightful time frolicking in the adjoining pool. The third area or Binh Quoi 3 is a serene, rustic paradise where one can roam at will or enjoy a picnic lunch by the side of the river. However, it is the buffet set out every evening that draws in the crowds. The food served here reminds one of the Southern Vietnamese cuisine that had been prevalent hundred years ago.

Cost:Weekdays: VND 80,000 - VND 140,000,Weekends: VND 290,000

Vietnamese Food (Source)At Binh Quoi Village, there are buffets on offer every day of the week with special dishes being served on weekends when the village is teeming with crowds. Most of the buffets are "all you can eat" with people queuing up lớn relish the sumptuous food there. The cuisine of Southern Vietnam is celebrated here with the food being served in totally rural settings. It is imaginatively called, "Reclaiming Southern Food." People can choose khổng lồ eat the delectable dishes within the bamboo huts or enjoy the classic cuisine served from the bamboo food carts that are seen parked along the lotus pond.

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There are tons of activities at the Binh Quoi Village designed for tourists to make the most of this serene experience:Rented paddleboats are available for skimming along the surface of the miniature Mekong River. Cost: VND 46,500.Fishing from atop the bamboo bridge is a favorite pastime here.Relaxing within a hut created out of bamboo & designed traditionally.Walking in the lush gardens & park.Photography.