21 great places for cocktails on phu quoc island


With its long trắng coastline & gorgeous blue waters, Phu Quoc Islvà definitely is a perfect place for you lớn sit back and have a unique drinking time with your beloved ones while watching daylight turn into lớn dusk. In case you"re looking for things khổng lồ do for a nightlife adventure on Phu Quoc Islvà, here is our menu of some great bars & nightclubs that are most loved by the locals.

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Find yourself chilling at the beach bars

After a full day of sightseeing, what can be more relaxing than spending your time at a beachside bar & sipping a glass of cocktail?.

Beach bars in Phu Quoc are often located in front of the beach resorts. Taking advantages from the ocean night scenery & cooling breeze, beach bars in Phu Quoc offers all visitors an excellent view và interesting nightlife experience.

1.Rory’s Beach Bar

Rory’s beach bar is located at Long Beach và is one of the famous beach bars in Phu Quoc. Not only does it impress people by the gorgeous ocean view và open-air decorations, but also offers various choices of great drinks & foods. This bar belongs to two Australians so you may find many Western drinks, cocktails, wine, and cuisine here, giving you a chance to lớn experience many fantastic food & drinks but also the great services by lovely owners và staffs.

Enjoy the stunning sunset & gentle sea breeze atRory’s beach bar Credit goes lớn
d.thien.dAddress: Group 3, Cay Sao, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc IslandTel: (+84)91 933 32 50Opening hours: 11:00 AM – 1:00 AMPrice range: $ - $$

2. Mango Bay Bar

The gentle sea view of Mango Bay bar will definitely charm you at the first. Here, you can enjoy the sunmix vibe while listening to good music. The menu provides many outstanding cocktails that combined with tropical fruit. All of those things have sầu created a wonderful nightlife ambiance in Phu Quoc. Sitting inside the Mango Bay Resort, therefore, Mango Bay Bar will be an igiảm giá place to lớn those who want lớn have a private và relaxing experience.

Enjoy the sunset on the beach at Mango Bay Bar Phokhổng lồ by

Golden Sand is known as the little Hawaii of Phu Quoc thanks to lớn its harmonious blend of colorful decorations on a pristine beach setting. If you’re looking for an awesome drinking place lớn throw a beach các buổi party with a high-class bar và skilled bartenders, Golden Sand Bar is a great fit for you. The fancy decoration and impressive ocean view make this bar become an ikhuyến mãi venue for chilling và drinking time. The price of drinks here is also pleasing for both locals và foreign visitors, ranging from 2 - 7 dollars.

The beautiful sunset view from the bar Photo lớn by
The colorful decorationsonthe beach Pholớn by

Shri Phu Quoc is a group of luxurious restaurants, beach clubs và bars with a perfect oceanside setting on the serene Ba Keo Beach. Coming to lớn Shri, you can experience various styles of relaxation, from a vibrant atmosphere with live music performances from international DJs lớn the delightful menu that is inspired by Asian & Mediterranean cuisines in order to lớn deliver a chất lượng yet outstanding culinary experience to the customers.

Modern decor and beautiful view from Shri beachbar Photo by

Enjoy the amazing nightlife at flashy clubs

Besides the stunning view of the beach bars, Phu Quoc also provides visitors vibrant nightlife experiences through a wide range of nightclubs and lounges where you can chill out with electronic or house music played from many talent DJs.

5. Skye Bar

Skye Bar is located on Tran Hung Dao street & is an entertaining hub of many bars, clubs và nightlife activities in Phu Quoc Island. Placed on floor 10th of the Ocean Pearl, Sky Bar offers an expansive sầu bird"s eye view of the thành phố và a stunning sunphối spot from the top.

Enjoy the vibrant night at Skye Bar Photos by
Skye Bar

When coming to Skye Bar, you will get a chance to recharge the energy with various choices of cocktail, alcohol, và snacks. The performances from DJs with techno music will give you a burning-out night from the top of Phu Quoc. The estimated price of each visitor is ranged from 10$ khổng lồ 20$, not really high to experience a vibrant night.

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Happy Buddha Club is one of the most attractive bars for those who want lớn enjoy electronic music & grab a special cocktail. It is also located on Tran Hung Dao street which takes you 10 minutes walking from Phu Quoc night market. Upon arrival, their underground DJs will serve you an excellent playcác mục from deep house, jazz, fusion to techno music.

Additionally, you can also savor many kinds of sophisticated cocktails & snacks on the thực đơn while immersing yourself in the ambiance of the music. However, this place is just open on Saturday from 20:00 until late night, therefore if you want khổng lồ have sầu a fancy weekkết thúc night, Happy Buddha Club will be a great choice.

Enjoy the fancy nightoutwith your buddies at Happy Buddha Club Photos by
Manytalented DJsperformingat the bar Photos by

Have yourself a perfect drink & meet your buddies

After the whole traveling day, Phu Quoc also provides you many great destinations for an excellent glass of craft beer and low-volume music vibe if thrilling clubs và bars are not your taste.

7. Coco Bar

Coco Bar is situated at Long Beach và really famous for its homemade rum and wines as well as abundant choices of snacks ranging from Vietnamese lớn Europe style. The bar is set up as an open-air bar with the modern interiors, some chairs mix on the pavement for a lively street view & a pool table for those who want to lớn have a match with their friends. Coconut rum, passion fruit rum, and tri-colored rum shot are signature beverages you should try in the drinking list. Beside those fabulous drinks, you also can join fascinating board games with your friends or take it as a chance khổng lồ make new friends for your trip.

Spend a chilling night with your friends at Coco bar Photo lớn by
cocobarAddress: 118 Tran Hung Dao Street, Long Beach, Phu Quoc IslandOpening hours: 8:00 PM - 2:00 AMPrice range: $ - $$

8. BitterSweet Cocktail Bar

Located inside Salindomain authority Resort Phu Quoc, BitterSweet Cocktail bar is a hidden gem for a laid-baông chồng và relaxing experience after a long travelling day. Their talented bartenders will satisfy you by the variety of outstanding cocktails & wines which can be personalized to your own taste. Although the bar offers the customized drinks, the price is quite affordable so you don’t have sầu to lớn worry much about your budget. Another big plus here is their lovely staffs who are always ready lớn tư vấn or have a friendly talk with you.

Enjoy your customize cocktail at Bittersweet Bar Photos by

This destination is quite special because it is not a specific bar or pub, however, when coming here, you will have a numerous choices lớn taste fresh seafood và enjoy authentic Vietnamese beer. Along the road, there is plenty of seafood restaurants where you can pichồng the fresh seafood right at the spot and choose the cooking styles (boil, grill, fried, etc.). Additionally, a visit lớn Dinc Cau night market will also let you experience the drinking culture of local people, in which you"ll sit in a small table at a local restaurant, enjoy a glass of Vietnamese beer and mingle with the locals. This market is open every night from 5PM till 12 AM with the price is around 5 - 20$ per dish depending on the type of seafood that you choose.

Experience local drinking style in the night market Photo lớn by
The paradise of seafood in Phu Quoc Photos by
kajakulmaAddress: Vo Thi Sau street, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc IslandOpening hours: 5:00 PM - 12:00 AMPrice range: $ - $$

Some useful tips from Inspitrip

Tran Hung Dao street is the main area that gathers many bars & nightclubs, therefore, you can also experience Phu Quoc nightlife on this street.If you go trang chủ late, we recommover you catch a xe taxi that is from well-known brands to lớn avoid being overcharged.Be careful with your belongings when walking down the street or joining the bar at night . And don’t bring valuable items.If you drink alcohol, please don’t ride a bike as it is illegal in Vietphái nam.

Phu Quoc is a wonderful islvà và a great destination for an ocean trip in Vietphái mạnh. Hope that through our suggestions you can have amazing experiences in this beautiful place.

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