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khổng lồ stay away from someone or something, or prsự kiện something from happening, or not allow yourself to lớn vì chưng something:
avoid doing sth Credit cards can be a source of không tính phí credit if you can organize payments within the stipulated time limits, so as khổng lồ avoid paying interest.
People in neighborhoods that retailers avoid must travel farther và sometimes pay more to obtain household necessities.
Chances are good that none of the four will win the 50 percent plus one vote needed khổng lồ avoid a runoff.
It"s a sickening sight & has caused them to lớn avoid going to lớn the property that used to be their retreat, they said.
Your decision lớn avoid white bread and other flour products has probably contributed to your success.
The $7 million figure implies that an ordinary person would be willing khổng lồ pay about $5 lớn avoid a 0.0000007 risk of death in a given year.
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to lớn behave in a very enthusiastic way about something that you are interested in and know a lot about but that other people might find boring

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